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Bandstand, Walton Hall park, 1950s

Walton_Park_bandstand.jpg ThumbnailsI_000016.jpgThumbnailsI_000016.jpgThumbnailsI_000016.jpgThumbnailsI_000016.jpg
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  • Anonymous coward - Thursday 23 October 2003 23:12
    remember going to the concerts they had on here at the weekend with my sisters and entering a fancy dress as 'miss spot' in a spotted nightie and wondering why I didnt win? lol...
  • Gary McCulloch - Friday 3 January 2003 22:00
    Seen dancing troupes in the mid sixties, trendy christians and anti nazi league performances in the seventies. Needless to say I have sang and tap danced there (alone) and our Keith and Ronney spent the night after too many bottles of cider.....
  • Anonymous coward - Friday 21 September 2001 11:45
    rob mad
    is this where john met paul?