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  • Alan Thompson - Friday 13 November 2009 10:35

    Three to right of mark Seddon is John White, two the right of him is my mate Eric Armstrong.
  • Alan Thompson - Friday 13 November 2009 10:26

    Teachers. Third to right of the Baz is (Cyril) Danny Bergen, 3rd to right of him is Jessie James, next to Jessie is Whitlock. Eight to right of Whitlock with specs is Jones the Mighty Atom. Behind and between Jessie and Whitlock is my mate Mark Seddon. Starting 5 to the right of Seddon Megan, my mate John Burton and then Barcas.
  • Anonymous coward - Tuesday 24 October 2006 14:30
    List of Names
    Continuing from previous message.
    To the right of Keith Newton
    ??, Sid Barratt, Rusk, Mally Bell.
  • Anonymous coward - Tuesday 24 October 2006 13:38
    List of names
    I (John Lowry) am 3rd row from the back in line with the drain pie.
    To my left
    Mike Redhead, Griff, Ronnie Halliwell, ??, Geoff Poole , Craig?, Keith (Isacc) Newton.
    To my right
    John Hudson, Ronnie Higham, Bukata, ??, Johnnie Saunders, Jonah, Laws, Savage, Dave Smith.
  • Anonymous coward - Wednesday 23 January 2002 12:04
    Robert (Bob)Hughes
    Back row from L;1.Michael Flatley;2.John Boase;3.Ken Fearon;4.Charlie Lawrenson;5.???;6.Paddy Dale;7.Paul? France;8.Ray Hall;9.Ronnie Ramsay;10.Alan Dinwoodie;11.???;12Ian Mallinson;13.Eddie Jones;14.Brain Higginsonl;15.Billy Seymour;16.Bob Baker;17. ?? Yates;18. Graham Elsdon;19.Kenny Ewen;20.Jeff Banning;21.Kenny Fitton;22. ? Hearn;23.Roy Morgan;24 ???;25. Dennis Walton;26.Bob Hughes;27.???
  • Anonymous coward - Tuesday 8 January 2002 13:07
    Robert (Bob) Baker
    Back Row From L:
    8th. Ray? Hall, 10th. Jimmy Walton,
    13th. Eddie Jones, 15th. Billy Seymour,
    16th. Bob Baker, 20th Jeff Banning,
    23rd. Roy Morgan, 25th. Dennis Walton
  • Anonymous coward - Sunday 16 September 2001 21:42
    Ken Fearon
    That's me!
    Top row third from left. To my left: John Boase, Michael Flatley. To my right: Charlie Lawrenson